Veda is the essence from which Creation has come forth. Veda is also the knowledge capturing what the rishis perceived to be the essence of Creation. So, what is Veda? This profound question was discussed at this year’s Pandit Motilal Shastri Memorial Lecture organised on September 28 at New Delhi.

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BHARATAVARSHA - The India Narrative

Bharatavarsha – The India Narrative is the English translation of an extraordinary work of scholarship in Sanskrit, Indravijayah or `Indra’s Victory`, authored by an equally remarkable Vedic scholar and orator, Pandit Madhusudan Ojha.                                       

Author :: Madhusudan Ojha

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The Whole Being : A Journey towards harmony and happiness

This is the fifth in a series authored by R K Mishra that brings to light the practical wisdom enshrined in India's most ancient texts, the Vedas.                                                                                                      �

Author :: Rishi Kumar Mishra