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The third manota of parameshthi mandala is atri. This prana does not let the rays of the sun disperse. Without atri blocking their way, the sun’s rays would  travel straight all the way. Atri takes in the sun’s rays. Substances in the universe which do not exhibit transparency are products of atri. Substances which are dense do not allow sun’s rays to travel through and hence are imbibed with atri. If atri were to be take out of them, these substances would allow the sun’s rays to travel through them. A glass has little atri because you can see through them.



Angira, a supraphysical energy, is one of the three manotas in parameshthi-mandala. The dense or solid form of angira is agni or fire. In its liquid form, it is vayu or air. And in sparse or gaseous form, it is aditya or rays of the sun. Angira transforms the solid form. It emanates from solid mass all the time. The padartha which is solid mass or pinda is known as angi or avayavi and flows out in liquid form. In the Gopatha Brahmana, it is said:


Manota in vedic vijnana relates to the process of creation. It is an attribute of existence. It establishes existence in an individual. (here `individual` does not mean person but a padartha or an element). It stabilises existence in a form.





Existence is satta. When existence takes a form, it is known as pratishtha. There is only one existence but existence can be experienced in all material things. It is different in different entities and is not mutually dependent. Pratishtha in fact is existence but it takes different forms in different substances. Existence or satta is unchanging but pratishtha changes with every form which satta inhabits.

The universe is made up of akshara and kshara--the immutable and the perishable. There are five aksharas--Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, Agni and Soma. Here, we are going to explore the third akshara, Indra, in detail.  


Illustration drawn by Pandit Motilal Shastri, represents the process of creation and five dimensions of the universe.

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