तेजस्वि नावधीमस्तुLet Our Learning Illuminate Us

In Vedic terminology, paroraja means a world which is higher than the seven worlds. The seven worlds are bhuloka, bhuvaloka, svargaloka, mahaloka, janaloka, tapoloka and satyaloka . These worlds are known as raja and the world which is beyond these worlds, superior and higher is paroraja. The dictionary meaning of the term is supra mundane—that which transcends the mundane, celestial or spiritual. Paroraja is the avyaya which is the first prajapati also called maheshwara. Avyaya is the cause of the whole universe. In his work, Rajovada, Pandit Madhusudan Ojha has explained that the primeval rajas was a condition of primeval darkness, in which all distinctions of heaven and earth were absent. This rajas, to become the material cause of the cosmos gets agitated and gives rise to looks first. In Brahmachatushpadi, he gives a more deeper meaning of the term and says prana (life), mana (intellect) and vani (speech), all three are paroraja.