Shri Shankar Shikshayatan has a compact library of books which is open to genuine scholars of Vedas and Sanskrit literature to  study. Books on philosophy, Vedas, Sanskrit and related subjects are available in  English, Sanskrit and Hindi.

Besides a substantial collection of books and manuscripts authored by Pandit Madhusudan Ojha, Pandit Motilal Shastri and Rishi Kumar Mishra, the library  has a collection of manuscripts and documents on various aspects of Veda Vijnana  authored by different authors which can be a good reference material for scholars. The institute has been generously donating books to schools and educational institutions. 

Some of the important books available in the library are listed here. 

Books by Pandit Madhusudan Ojha

Books by Pandit Motilal Shastri

Books by Pandit Rishi Kumar Mishra

Books on Ancient Indian Philosophy and Mythology

Books on Upanisads, Rgveda Darsana and Panini

Other important books on religion, philosophy, India, Vedas and Puranas