Vedic Paricharcha

What is Veda? Is it a collection of texts? Is it a textbook for rituals?                                                                                                         

Is it a collection of mantras (hymns)? What is that makes the Vedas apaureshya (not created by man)? Are the texts, the samhitas, different from Veda tatva? Or are they same?

These were some of the questions, profound and complex, which were at the heart of the discussion organised by Shri Shankar Shikshayatan at the Indian Archaeological Society, New Delhi, on May 7, 2018. The discussion, attended by several professors from different Sanskrit universities in the city, centred on Pandit Motilal ShastriÔÇÖs explanation of his guru, Pandit Madhusudan OjhaÔÇÖs writings on the Veda.

A View of the meeting
A view of the meeting

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