Rishi Kumar Mishra

Like his guru, and his guru's guru before him, Rishi Kumar Mishra belongs to the lineage of Rishi Bharadwaj, the renowned seer-scientist who unravelled several mysteries of the cosmos several thousands of years ago and is cited extensively in the Vedas.

An atheist and a Marxist, editor of a number of daily newspapers and magazines, and a former member of Rajya Sabha, Pandit Rishi Kumar Mishra was initiated into the mysteries of Vedic wisdom by Pandit Motilal Shastri. In a reversal of the traditional guru-shishya parampara, Shastriji chose him as his disciple, rather than the other way round. The result was an inner transformation and initiation into the scientific thought of the Vedas.

In the same way that Shastriji illuminated the Vedas in Hindi, he set his disciple the task of disseminating the Vedic knowledge in English. In fulfilment of his guru's desire, Mishraji has authored the following works.

Works by Rishi Kumar Mishra

Before the Beginning and after the End: Beyond the Universe of Physics

BEFORE THE BEGINNING AND AFTER THE END is a product of dedicated and prolonged research by the author into the ancient insights of India's seer-scientists. It attempts to bring to light their wisdom as encapsulated in the Vedas. As the title suggests, its contents discuss forces and factors that are beyond the universe of modern physics.

Collectively known as the Veda Shastra, this treasure-house of knowledge consists of four principal and six auxiliary texts. These comprise an effective tool for exploring the fundamental mysteries of our universe. Using rigorous methods of examination and evaluation, the Vedas provide us with answers to such questions as: how did the cosmos originate and what is its future? Of what is it made? Who is the individual self, and what is its place in the universe?

Over several centuries, Western (and, to a lesser extent, Indian) scholars have perverted the true meaning and message of the Vedas. Mistranslation and distortion of these texts occurred for a variety of reasons, from inadequate scholarship to political expediency, with the inevitable and tragic result that the lessons learned some three thousand years before Christ was born have largely been obscured.

The Vedas are no mere exertion in metaphysics, philosophy or spirituality. They were composed by a number of 'seer-scientists' or scientific philosophers, who placed every theory and hypothesis in the uncompromising spotlight of their impeccable powers of logic and reason. They recorded their discoveries in the precise and highly evolved Sanskrit language and pioneered various scientific disciplines, such as medicine, architecture, astronomy, linguistics, statecraft and economy, social engineering, jurisprudence, psychology and the arts.

To investigate the Vedas fully is a lifetime's work for someone possessed of a superior intelligence.

This book of necessity is a brief exploration of Vedic knowledge, written in the hope that the essence of this fount of wisdom may be conveyed to the reader in an unadulterated form.

The Cosmic Matrix: In the light of the Vedas

The Cosmic Matrix introduces its readers to the corpus of texts known as the four Vedas and their auxiliary branches. It also explains veda tattwa, the phenomenon which pervades nature. The difference between the books of the Vedas and the phenomenon explained by these texts is crucial to an understanding of the formulations recorded by the seer-scientists in the texts. This work is not a commentary on these ancient texts, which have been gathered together in the four Vedas of Rik Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Rather, it is an effort to understand and explain - for the first time in English, the dominant language of modern times - the forgotten insights of this ancient wealth of knowledge.

The Realm of Supraphysics: Mind, Matter, Energy

The Realm of Supraphysics  attempts to capture an extremely large conceptual territory in which a wide array of forces operate and interact, giving birth to the individuals that comprise the cosmos and to the numerous universes of which our world is a small part. This work does not cover the extensive and varied realm of supraphysics in full, because it is simply too vast to be grasped in a single volume. However, it does open a window onto an enchanting realm of unmanifest factors, forces and processes and their manifest functions and operations.Read more about The Realm of Supraphysics

The Ultimate Dialogue: Fusion of Knowledge, Intelligence and

The Ultimate Dialogue  elucidates the fundamental concepts of Brahma and karma, which have been expounded in the Bhagavad Geeta. Brahma is that fundamental tattwa from which this entire universe evolves. This work, like previous works by the author, reflects the scholarship and insights of Pandit Madhusudan Ojha and his disciple, Pandit Motilal Shastri, the author's guru. The author has also drawn upon the wisdom and scholarship of several notable scholars in his endeavour to communicate the subtle concepts and messages contained within the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna.

The Whole Being : A Journey towards harmony and happiness

This is the fifth in a series authored by R K Mishra that brings to light the practical wisdom enshrined in India's most ancient texts, the Vedas.

The author also drew on the wisdom of 'modern science' for this work, notably the scientific understandings of a few visionaries which are of particular relevance to this book. This fifth and final volume was intended to be the synthesis of the works preceding it. Its eminently practical purpose was to draw on the various facets explored in the previous volumes in order to demonstrate how Vedic understandings can assist today's troubled world.