Featured Book The Realm of Supraphysics: Mind, Matter, Energy (Home Page)

This is the third book in a series authored by R K Mishra that brings to light the practical wisdom enshrined in India's most ancient texts, the Vedas.

THE REALM OF SUPRAPHYSICS attempts to capture an extremely large conceptual territory in which a wide array of forces operates and interact, giving birth to the individuals that comprise the cosmos and to the numerous universes of which our world is a small part. This work does not cover the extensive and varied realm of supraphysics in full, because it is simply too vast to be grasped in a single volume. However, it does open a window onto an enchanting realm of unmanifest factors, forces and processes and their manifest functions and operations.

भौतिक सत्ता से विशिष्ट सत्ता को बतलाने वाली शक्ति का क्षेत्र बहुत ही विस्तृत है। इस क्षेत्र में जो शक्ति विद्यमान रहती हैं, वे परस्पर एक दूसरे से संवाद करती हैं और एक नवीन सृष्टि करती रहती हैं। जिस धरातल पर मानव की सत्ता है वह सत्ता उस विशिष्ट सत्ता से छोटी है।

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